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Back in Oz!

January 28, 2008

Happy New Year all – we are safely back in our Australind house, with phone, fax and email all up and running.  Weeds and grandchildren galore, wonderful summer evenings, great  wines and bed, so what more could  a pair of roving grandparents need?

Pete and I would like to thank you many bloggers for the continued interest, comments, encouragement and contact – it made a difference to us and we did look forward to getting your responses.  Sorry if we didn’t respond often, we did have issues with our server, getting internet access and computer carting.   BUT, regardless I know you will agree the blog has been a wonderful way for us to keep connected.

We will get back to the blog for some Australian content, as soon as we finish settling in.  So for now you wonderful cyber family of ours, take care, have a great festive season, best wishes to you and yours, from us and ours!.  Stay in touch.

Julie and Pete