Waiting…. Waiting… waiting…

December 8, 2007

We are currently in Idaho chasing the snow… and without our computer.  It may be a week or so before we get back to update our blog, so please be patient.  Don’t desert us, we enjoy your feedback!!!


Julie and Peter.



  1. Hi Jules and Pete, have just caught up on some of your happenings…..what a most fabulous trip you have had. When are you due home?? I moved 2 smonths ago and have been settling into my new place at Seville Grove. Looking forward to catching up with you soon. love C

  2. Come on, i can’t wait to hear about the snow! It has been amazing just watching the weather thru your photos, the bryce canyon is magic with all the autumn hues, but now we want photos of you guys making snow angels!

  3. Loved reading about your travels we’ve enjoyed hearing about your visits to the American Indians particularily. We,ve visited some of the places that you’ve been but not the most interesting ones! Hope you’ve really enjoyed the snow. Sorry we’ve been slow in e-mailing. Looking forward to your return – when is it? We have been away a lot and also sold our house (renting back)! Fantastic to have another vet in the family congratulations to Shey.

  4. Any snow yet?
    any snow yet
    any snow yet/
    snow yet?
    any yetti now?
    any yet?

  5. Hi you two, do you do the American drawl yet? Just had a look at Vegas and Canyon. What a time you are having! So many memories and experiences. yep Disney on steroids is what I thought about vegas too and no wonder when the yanks finally get to the real Paris or Venice they are disappointed with the lack of sterility of a REAL place…if you live in wonderland I suppose it’s no wonder. Sympathise about the fog in Cal……I was told it’s like that about 10 months of the year – I never picked that up from tv and film exposure. Those roads in fog must have put the old blood pressure up a bit.
    They certainly go in for canyons in a big way don’t they? But good idea to blow budget now and again….sorry you were a bit disappointed with canyon but you were a bit pushed for time but hey give them some of their own back along the lines of if this is Wednesday this must be the Grand Canyon.
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday !! Best wishes for that and 2008 back in good old Oz. Ciao Helen

  6. We hope you have had a great time in the snow. Personally I can’t think of anything worse. Cold weather makes me recoil in horror just to think about it, but then again I grew up in Melbourne so perhaps that’s understandable. But I’m sure there are compensations. The pristine beauty of the glistening white blanket and the stark branches of the snow draped trees, all of that. At the very least we expect dazzling photos of the crisp clean snowscapes which will help me understand this strange compulsion to go to places where most of your time is taken up putting on and taking off your five layers of clothing. Best David and Kristin.

  7. Hi Jules and Pete. Jules I got your email but hadnt had a chance to reply. Flew to Adelaide Sunday night, found out Sat Dad dying of cancer (lungs, liver and bowel). Not sure how long I will be here for, Drs have given him only weeks to live. He was admitted on Tues with pneumonia, due to the cancer on his lung as we found out. It appears to be very agressive and he wont be treated but just kept comfortable in the palliative care unit. Nadine flew home as well and Ash has just had leave approved and arriving Sat. I am staying at home. Will keep you up to date. Not much a Christmas hey. love Cxx

  8. Glad to hear you are enjoying the snow, what a contrast to when you arrived so many months ago. The photos, scenery throughout your journey just wonderful. Hope you both are keeping well. Family keeping us busy, we are having Christmas lunch at Anthony’s this year. Just had a week on the east coast of Tasmania (Coles Bay and Swansea), weather beautiful, accom. close to oyster and cray farm which we visited daily. Hope you have a wonderful white Christmas and a great beginning for 2008. Love to you both – Cousin Kerry and Noel – Georgina sends Christmas greetings, etc. xxxx

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