A new vet in the family!

December 3, 2007

Although this is not another story of our trip – It’s a fantastic journey of challenges and determination that my daughter Shey has just finished!

Seen here on graduation night with husband Dave.jolly2.jpg

Shey has just graduated as a vet out of Murdoch university, making her the first vet in the extended OWEN clan in South Australia, EVER (hundreds of people in that lot) and the third Dr in our family, so we can now call HER – WHICH DR?

Pete is pleased to hand over the vet baton and has been instrumental in assisting her and keeping her motivation up when things got tough. We are very proud of her and glad that so many of our extended family/friends were able to be help her celebrate this EXTREMELY happy and HISTORIC occasion.

She says it has not sunk in yet, as she is busy packing the house to move to Denmark (W.A.) to begin her career as a vet, where she will work tirelessly to save all creatures great and small!

So folks, let me introduce to you, (drum roll please 🙂 ………………:) her two surnames are Tidswell (university register) and Rogers (marriage register) …………….but it will still register with her and she will not mind if you just call her …………..Doctor.

Cheers to Dr Shey our newly graduated vet! I wish I could give her the hug she deserves, but have to rely on you W.A mob to do it for me! Pete and I did have a tequilla or two for her last night.

If you want to send congratulations;     Shey, Dave, Reaf & Teylan are at 🙂 jollyrogers@aapt.net.au

Julie and Pete




  2. Terrific news and congratulations to Shey. I can remember driving to her house with Julie and Peter and Kristin and she was in tears of despair. It was all too hard. But she came back with great guts and fought it through. Please pass on best wishes from David and Kristin.

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