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Getting Away

May 27, 2007

Its less than 10 days ’til departure and the long ‘to do’ list doesn’t seem to be getting shorter. There is little sense of excitement and no sense of panic, just a numbness. The list grows each day but I can’t get my head around it. I wake countless times each night to resolve problems and re-order tasks. Morning sees the logic and clarity of the night lost in the fog of waking. The list grows.

I’ve never been good with lists, so today I’ve abandoned it and fallen back on my usual approach to organising things, a finely balanced blend of chaos theory and crisis management . I feel a lot more relaxed.

An increasing number of sceptical friends are asking about the Blog I promised to set up for our travels, so I’d best do something about it. (This may also distract friends who keep asking about my long abandoned novel). It can’t be too hard to set up a Blog, can it? Misagh my son in law showed me how to start and left with the comment ‘ It will fall into place once you get going’. …. We’ll see! Or should I say ‘you’ll see’, as I struggle with concepts that are second nature to the ‘now’ generation.

Well here goes, one hell of a blog coming up. This is to be a record of our travels to the USA, Julie as a Fulbright Scholar studying the delivery of health services to American First Nation communities with me as her companion and wide eyed observer.